Missions ( admin posted on September 22nd, 2015 )

God has blessed this church with a real heart for missions. We join His work in the community, across the country and around the world. Our Missions Commission recommends, guides, and challenges us with many varied projects! The following are projects that are ongoing or have been done.

We Help Support Seven Full-Time Missionary Families:

1. Dan and Gwen Kreider – New Tribes Mission

2. Charlie and Jan Shearer – China Outreach Missions

3. Tim and Tracey Deihl – Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship,York College

4. Doug and Naomi Gibson – Time Missions, Mexico

5. Dell and Mary Ann Benner – Word of Life, Street Ministry

6. Nancy Zellers – Greater Europe Missions

7. Pastor Sasha – Russian Missions

Former Full Times Missionaries: Pam Oliver-Stanley, Philippines; Ron and Yvonne Yeich, Haiti

We Support Short-Term Missions Projects:

Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg: We have provided food servers for the evening meal on the second Saturday of each month since 1998.

Habitat for Humanity: We have begun working with Habitat to provide housing for people in Lebanon County.

Youth Group Mission Trip: Our youth along with adults have worked with the Native Americans in Arizona, TIME Ministries in Mexico, Redbird Mission

Street Ministry: Individuals and groups have joined the Word of Life Team for trips to the streets of Reading and New York to share to gospel

Individual Mission Trips: Persons have gone to Russia, Ivory Coast, and Mexico

We Have Yearly Special Projects And Missionaries: The new mission year begins with our Missions Festival which is held each March. We invite speakers to share about the work they are doing with God’s help in various parts of the world or our community.

We have two opportunities for mission giving: The first is our regular Mission Offering received the first Sunday of each month. This is Mission Sunday and we have a special emphasis on some aspect of our work with Missions during the Mission Moments in worship on these days. This money is our commitment to the support our long-term missionaries. We also receive Faith Living gifts at any time. These are monies that may have come to any of us unexpectedly, with the feeling that they should go toward the Lord’s work in missions, perhaps for a special project he has put on your heart.